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Her name is Jessica. She is 26 years old, and she is my girl. I had never believed in love at first sight until I met her. It was a rainy day in September last year. I was sitting in the shelter of the bus stop waiting for the rain to slow down so I could continue my walk to my apartment, when she sat down on the bench next to me with her newspaper.
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Displayed in the Saint-Étienne church in France is the figure of René de Chalon, Prince of Orange. The prince died at the young age of 25 during the siege of Saint-Dizier in 1544. 
Rather then memorialize him in the standard hero form, his wife requested (or René himself requested, or possibly both) that he be shown as “not a standard figure but a life-size skeleton with strips of dried skin flapping over a hollow carcass, whose right hand clutches at the empty rib cage while the left hand holds high his heart in a grand gesture.” (Source) 14 hours ago with 11,678 notes


Staglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Italy. This is the grave of Italino Lacomelli, the child that died on the 16 August 1925. He was five years old and a victim of to a killer while he played in the public garden with his hoop. His mother already had died. The father, Donatello Iacomelli (1889/1976) was buried in the same grave as the childs mother. (Source) Other Graveyard Posts: (The Weeping Woman) (Angel of Death) (Compilation of Gravestones, Part 1, Part 2)

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In his younger years, Ted would have fantasies of being adopted by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.

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nine photographs portraying quotes said to sexual assault survivors by police officers, attorneys, and other authority figures

more info about project unbreakable here

original tumblr here

previously: nine photographs portraying quotes said to sexual assault survivors by their friends/family

This is heartbreaking

this infuriates me.

fucking disgusting 

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New Slaves

This is so disgusting omg

it really is.

fucking wow

This is so sad

yall making too much of a deal of this who cares 

Yeah sure, who cares. Who cares when people would rather line up like this every year to spend hundreds on a damn phone than give/donate even just a few dollars to a charity or help out those in need and struggling to sustain themselves. Spend hundreds to buy an iPhone or spend less than a hundred to change a life?

this just in: human brain incapable of caring about more than 1 thing in a lifetime, iphone owners will never spend money on anything other than a phone ever, buying products of own money because you want them makes one incapable of empathy or knowing about charity
in other news: tumblr users still pretentious shits on high horses who think that they’re better than everyone based on nothing but holier-than-thou assumptions

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Carole Ann Boone- who had moved to Florida to be near Bundy, had testified on his behalf during both trials, and was again testifying on his behalf as a character witness he asked her to marry him. She accepted, and Bundy declared to the court that they were legally married.

In october 1982 Boone gave birth to a daughter and named Bundy as  the father. While conjugal visits were not allowed at Raiford Prison, inmates were known to pool their money to bribe guards to allow them intimate time alone with their female visitors.  

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'John' who works at sea as a dockworker came into dry dock(which means it was locked up, water pumped out, and left high and dry on blocks) to carry out refit and repairs.

Next to the ship he worked on, was a military frigate being broken down for scrap and when all of it was done, she was left to her fate.

Once all the sensitive stuff had been removed, the dock workers were free to go on. The dock foreman, ‘John’ went on board first with a camera to take pictures of work areas. He took a couple of hundred all in all. The picture on top was one of the ones he took. The area where this picture was taken was in a cross alley way, deep inside the ship. He was going around with a torch and a camera. When he’d go to take a picture, he would turn off the torch (leaving him in total darkness) snap the shot, turn the torch back on and be on his way.

He had no idea who the man in the picture was(the only thing he knew was that he wasn’t one of the dockworkers), as there was supposed to be nobody on the ship. The bottom picture, which is a more cleaned up picture of the one on top shows that the man had an axe.

He doesn’t think it was a ghost, but a man with an axe seems a lot scarier anyway.


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Child of Rage: A documentary about a young girl who was sexually abused when she was a year old. She has a desire to murder her entire family and carries out numerous disturbing tasks. 
The Scariest Drug in the World: Scopolamine is a drug that when taken keeps a person coherent but makes them open to follow commands. It’s been used to make people steal, as a rape drug and a way to humiliate people. It’s known as a “chemical hypnosis”. This film documents people’s experience with it.
Demonic Possession and Exorcism: The footage you are about to witness contains highly disturbing material. 
An Interview with a Cannibal: An interview with a man named, Issei Sagawa who committed a pretty horrific crime. He butchered and raped a young Dutch women because he wanted to absorb her “energy”. He spent 3 days consuming her flesh. 
The Bridge: A film on the Golden Gate Bridge, which captures the number of suicides. Many describe it as a powerful documentary, that leaves a lasting impression.
High on Crack Street: Shows just how badly crack ruins lives.  A great portrayal of the harsh, dark side of drugs. 
Aokigahara/Suicide Forest: A geologist walks through the forest and shows us what he sees. Definitly contains some depressing material.
Atomic Wounds: The effect of a nuclear weapon on a mass number of people. It’s disheartening, it’s horrifying, but it’s reality. 
Just Melvin, Just Evil: A documentary about a tormented family who suffered from sexual abuse and substance abuse because of one man. It leaves you wondering how can one man be so destructive?
Earthlings: One of the most intense documentaries made about animal abuse. Footage contains graphic material. 
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New York: The Haunted City (Full Paranormal Documentary)

Published on Dec 22, 2013

New York: The Haunted City (Full Paranormal Documentary)

In New York—a state full of folklore, legends, and perhaps ghosts—we visit Manhattan’s Merchant House Museum, where Gertrude Treadwell was born, died…and may still reside. At the Buffalo Naval Park, we search for George Sullivan’s ghost aboard the USS Sullivans—the ship dedicated to the five Sullivan brothers who died together in WWII. In the Mohawk Valley, we stop off at the haunted Beardslee Castle, and on Staten Island, we tour Conference House, home to Revolutionary War spirits.

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13 Haunted Cemeteries to visit. I’ve been to 9 on this list and they are all incredible. What’s your favorite haunted place to visit?


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From GhostStudy Description:

This was taken two years ago, the picture is slightly light enhanced but other than that there is no manipulation what so ever, the ghost stands next to a purpose built torture chamber, and next to the tower Edward the 1st stayed in and William Wallace was held, its also at the top of the tower (on the right) that 12 Scottish children were murdered by a jailer called John Sage. We believe the Ghost is actually a protective spirit over the child in the front, I have another two pictures taken without the child in the photo and nothing is there, however I don’t have the camera with me to upload them right now. Chillingham Castle is one of the most evil places I have ever visited and that includes Auswitz, the history there is horrifying, however I still am quite sure this is a good spirit rather than malevolent ghost. After most of the photos I have seen, I think this is one of the most convincing. I can assure you this is no fake.

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I’m from Poland and Beksiński is my favourite artist of all time.

wow these are incredible

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 American Airlines Flight 191

For 10 nights in a row in 1970, David Booth had the same nightmare. While deep in sleep, he witnessed a jetliner veering off a runway, flipping completely over, and then bursting into flames.

Booth felt compelled to inform the FAA about his dreams. Officials actually listened to what he had to say and concluded that he was dreaming of a Boeing 727 or perhaps a DC-10 plane.

On the day that David Booth had his last nightmare, American Airlines DC-10 Flight 191 crashed just a few moments after takeoff. One of the plane’s engines broke loose, causing an imbalance. The plane flipped on the runway and burst into flames.

All 273 passengers aboard died.

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